CFC Registry:

Breeders - Register each Coton puppy with the CFC. Forms are sent to CLRC for payment and processing via email or email:

Canadian Livestock Records Corporation
2417 Holly Lane, Suite 201
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
K1V 0M7

Laura Lee Mills  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1-877-833-7110 Ext. 314
1-613-731-7110 Ext. 314

Registration form is here:

Fee schedule for CFC:

 CKC Registry:

If you will be showing your dog with the CKC, you will require a Miscellaneous Number for the dog. In this document, you can get your pedigree from the CFC,  CKC Miscellaneous Application to the CKC. Anju Atwal is our Registrar and will accept these applications via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Once the Miscellaneous Certificate has been created by CKC, it will be emailed to the requester; they do not mail these documents out.

* Note - if the dog was not born in Canada, if it is co-owned, etc., it will be necessary to have additional forms completed. Anju Atwal is the best contact to get the correct forms that will be needed in these non-standard cases.

Fee Schedule for 2019: 

AKC Registry:

If you plan to sell puppies to the USA, or to show your dogs in the USA, registry with the AKC is a must.  In order to do this, you will need to send them a copy of the CFC pedigree, a copy of the CKC Misc Certificate, and the AKC Registration Form and fees.  There are additional AKC requirements such as photographs as well – this information is on the registration form.  The address to send it to is also on the form.

The registration form is here:

AKC Fee Schedule:

SCC Registry:

To show or sell dogs or puppies to FCI countries, you will need to be registered with FCI.

The Societe Centrale Canine (SCC) is the France FCI who accepts our breed for registry. The forms are found on the CFC website , Home page: 


SCC Fee schedule:


FCPR Registry:

Federation Canofila de Puerto Rico (FCPR) is the FCI registry in Puerto Rico. This registry will accept the AKC pedigree and registration to obtain the FCI pedigree and registration for FCPR. With this FCI document, any other FCI country can use that to register their dog.

FCPR requires the ORIGNAL AKC registration and pedigree to be sent to you. You need to ask for an FCPR pedigree or they will just endorse the AKC one and that is not enough to provide another FCI country.

Instructions and registration form are here:

FCPR Fee Schedule: