National Specialty 2015 – St-Louis, Quebec

Jade du Domaine de Polana

Sire: Ch. Kouros of the Swift Cotton
Dam: Ch. Gladia du Domaine de Polana
Breeder: Marie-France Prayal
Owners/Handler: Marie-France Prayal and Sylvie St-Amand


Coton de Tulear, National Speciality – St-Louis – Quebec – Association Canine du Coeur du Québec - September 12, 2015

Marie-France Prayal


During the All-Breed Shows organized by the Association Canine du Coeur du Québec, September 12– 13, 2015, the CCTC held its annual specialty.  The show was held under the auspices of the Canine Federation of Canada.  The judge was Ms Maria Teresa Mondo, a well-known FCI judge from Italy.


The organization was very good, the tent big enough to protect us and our dogs to avoid some rain.   Our judge was very friendly.  She was interested in our Cotons and we had a very interesting discussion about the standard.


The only problem…  there were just 2 Cotons for this National Specialty.  My two female Cotons; Jade du Domaine de Polana (Junior class) and Paris du Domaine de Polana (Elementary puppy). Sylvie St-Amand, who co-owns Jade with me, was there with her husband and her son.  Sylvie helped me with grooming and holding Jade, during the weekend.  Peter and Dylan were the photographers.  It was nice to see Sylvie so excited by the wins of Jade and Paris.  She learned a lot about shows and I am sure she will be there next year.


But, I was very disappointed.  Why only 2 Cotons?  For me, coming to a National Specialty, is part of my responsibility as a breeder.  It is an opportunity to meet other Coton lovers, breeders, owners,  and have good conversations with them to get caught up on long term friendships, meet new breeders, owners, Cotons lovers, and talk about Cotons and dogs in general.  It is also very nice to work with an FCI judge who knows the breed and who can give us some good critics.  I drove a total of 2 days, 24 hours to be able to participate in this event.  Am I the only crazy Coton lover who can do that?


I remember the first National Specialty held under the auspices of the CFC.  It was 2004 in St-Hyacinthe, Quebec.  49 Cotons were registered.  Fifteen exhibitors were from Canada, 8 from USA, and 2 from Europe.  The judge, Mr. André Leblond from France, a well-known FCI judge.  It was a great event, so nice to see all these Cotons together!  And all the good talk we were able to have about our breed…


So, what is going on?  Every year, the CCTC organizes a National Specialty held under the CFC.  The number of Cotons at the specialty shows started to quickly decrease since 2004.  I can understand that some people are no longer involved with breeding.  New breeders took their place.  I can understand that it is a long drive or flight to come to these Specialties.   But, is it a good reason or the only reason to not come?


What can we do to improve the participation to these Canadian National Specialties?  Here are some suggestions. 

- A Specialty committee, starting to work for the next specialty right now.

- A good contact with all the Canadian and American breeders to talk about our next specialty.

- We need an excellent Coton FCI judge

- We need money to be able to offer nice prizes.  Fund raising?


I know it is possible.  Two weekends ago, I offefRd my help as the show secretary for an Irish Wolfhound National Specialty.  It was organized by a breeder and held on his property in PEI.  More than 50 dogs were entered. A lot of work but what a success! 


The discussion is open.   As you know me, I am ready to be part of this Specialty committee. Who wants to join me? 

And, for the end, no surprise with the results of the 2015 National CCTC Specialty:

- Best Elementary puppy:  Paris du Domaine de Polana – Breeder:  Marie-France Prayal – Owner:  Marie-France Prayal

- Best Junior:  Jade du Domaine de Polana – Breeder:  Marie-France Prayal – Owners:  Marie-France Prayal and Sylvie St-Amand

- - Best of Breed and Speciality: Jade du Domaine de Polana – Breeder:  Marie-France Prayal – Owners:  Marie-France Prayal and Sylvie St-Amand